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Prof. Hortobágyin kurssi

Prof. István Hortobágyi (ELTE) gave a course at the University of Helsinki, Department of Mathematics, May 7-19, 2001.

The course was intended for students who will be mathematics subject teacher students and for teachers already at work and consisted of lectures from different parts of mathematics, concentrating on the most important didactical aspects of geometry, algebra and number theory. The course covered how the teaching of each topic is done in Hungary, giving ideas on both teaching at ordinary schools and special teaching for talented students. Also indication of how an interested person can pursue further studies in the topic was given.

The course consisted of 20 lectures, given 2 hours each working day afternoon for two weeks and two Saturday seminars from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. In the seminars students presented their work on selected topics and got feedback on their teaching ideas from prof. Hortobagyi.

Kurssin sisältö:

  1. Special pointsets in plane and space. Use of these sets in construction exercises
  2. Special lines and points in triangles. Euler-line, Feuerbach (nine point)-circle
  3. Using mathematical games in instruction
  4. Solution of extremal value problems with elementary methods
  5. Special inequalities and their use in solving extremal value problems
  6. Permutations and permutations with repetitions
  7. Combinations and combinations with repetitions
  8. Variations and variations with repetitions
  9. Basic concepts of number theory. Divisibility
  10. Diophantine equations

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